Greece- 3 Days in the Peloponnese Peninsula

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nafplio and palamidi.jpg

Greece- 3 Days in the Peloponnese Peninsula


If you are thinking of going to Greece, the Peloponnese is a great choice because of its beauty, history, beaches, islands, and convenience to Athens. You could spend weeks here discovering charming villages, ancient ruins, and lovely coastlines but a few days is enough to fall in love. 

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The Peloponnese has everything you are looking for in your Greece vacation-- gorgeous beaches, ancient ruins, lovely towns, idyllic islands, and of course, lots of delicious Greek food. There are tons of activities to choose from to make every family member happy, all in one of the most scenic areas of Greece. Your Peloponnese vacation will be one Instagram-worthy photo after another!

This 52 page itinerary focuses on Nafplio, voted one of the most beautiful towns in Greece, as your base for 3 days while exploring the nearby area, including Mycenae, Corinth, and Epidavros. 

  • Where to stay in Nafplio, voted one of the most beautiful towns in Greece and ideally situated for easy day trips to many tourist sites

  • Family-friendly coastal walks with breathtaking views

  • All you need to know for a day trip to the ancient ruins at Mycenae and Corinth

  • Fun beaches and secluded swim spots that everyone in the family will love

  • A ferry ride out to an island castle

  • A little bit of the history of each site, so you can get more out of your visit

  • What to skip and what to make time for so you can get the most out of your vacation

  • Favorite restaurants in Nafplio and the tourist town of Ancient Corinth

  • Labeled maps detailing locations of activities. We include driving directions and even the toll amounts

  • Distances between activities and estimated times you will spend at each one

  • How to beat the crowds at some of the most popular tourist sites in the Peloponnese

  • Rainy day activities, because Mother Nature does not always go along with our best laid plans

  • To view more photos of this trip, visit our Facebook album.

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