Hydra, Greece- a 2 day itinerary

distance view hydra port.JPG
distance view hydra port.JPG

Hydra, Greece- a 2 day itinerary


Hydra is one of my favorite Greek islands because of its small size, lack of motorized vehicles, and resistance to huge resort developments. It is not known for its beaches but for the large number of walking trails leading all over the island. It is a great place to visit for families as you can let the kids wander without worrying that they are going to get run over by anything besides a mule. The biggest town is also called Hydra (or sometimes Hydra port). It has restaurants, shops, and a harbour full of everything from fishing boats to multimillion dollar yachts. I could spend a week here just hiking around and relaxing with a book by the water. The views are amazing.

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Too busy to read through a million blogs and guidebooks to plan a trip to Hydra? Simplify your life with this itinerary. Everything you need to know: where to sleep, eat, and play!

This 13 page Hydra itinerary includes everything you need to know to enjoy two days on this amazing Greek island: 

  • Great lodging options-including hotels and Airbnb
  • Labeled maps of the island
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Detailed information on hikes, including a kid-friendly, 3.5 mile loop to a nearby beach and an overlook
  • Beach recommendations including those only accessible by boat
  • How to get to Hydra from Athens or the Peloponnese Peninsula
  • Useful tips to know that will help you prepare, including weather, how to get around, and when are the big holidays
  • and more!

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