Our “Jerry Maguire” Mission Statement

“At the founding of Simply Awesome Trips, we agreed to travel as we always have with our families—on our own dime. No free nights, no comped visits, not even any swag. We continue to feel good about that decision.

We do participate in affiliate marketing with some of the companies that we personally use (Booking.com, VRBO and Amazon). They don’t pay us to write, we simply get a commission if you enter those sites through our “gate” as opposed to say a Google search. But we also recommend lodging, restaurants, and activities, where we don’t receive any commission, such as Airbnb or private rental agencies. If it’s good; it’s good. We don’t change our recommendations based on vendor.”

— Simply Awesome Trips


All information, views, and opinions are provided solely by Simply Awesome Trips. We are not sponsored in any way and have never written a post at the behest of any organization or company. We do not accept any free products, services, travel, or other forms of compensation from the places we visit nor from the specific lodging properties that we personally recommend. We only suggest vacation properties and the occasional product that we truly enjoy and hope to pass that on to you.

Booking.com and VRBO.com

We primarily use three companies when booking our own family travel lodging: Booking.com, VRBO.com, and Airbnb.We are therefore happy to be an Affiliate Partner with Booking.com and VRBO.com, an affiliate advertising program designed to let us earn commissions from these booking sites from our website with no additional cost to you.


We are also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Again, we only receive a small commission from Amazon and no cost is added on to you. The products we highlight are the ones we personally find to be the best, and we do not receive compensation from the manufacturer.