Amsterdam With Kids


Amsterdam With Kids


Too busy to read through a million blogs and guidebooks to plan a trip to Amsterdam? Simplify your life with our 6-day itinerary. Everything you need to know: where to sleep, eat, and play!

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Amsterdam is a lovely and charming city full of colorful architecture, canals and bridges, street markets, and world-class museums. You’ll find plenty to do here between strolling alongside the canals, stopping at sidewalk cafes, eating Dutch delicacies, and exploring museums. It’s a great family destination with something for everyone. Your Amsterdam vacation will be one Instagram-worthy photo after another!

In this 52 page itinerary, you'll find:

Where To Stay

  • Where to stay including specific apartments and hotels located in the best neighborhood of Amsterdam

  • The lodging choices for each destination have been carefully selected for their ideal location, price point, safety, and proximity to the day’s activities. We tell you the best area to stay so you can minimize driving or walking distances and maximize your moments having fun. Knowing what part of town to stay in is a huge part of making a trip a success, and that’s hard to do when you are not familiar with a destination. We save you time and energy by doing all the research for you.

Where To Eat

  • Restaurant recommendations including the best apple pie in the city

  • Local dining establishments are highlighted. The kind where children are welcome but isn't necessarily a restaurant geared primarily towards kids. You won't find many restaurant chains in our itineraries, just good local food mirroring the destination's culture. This could mean a food truck, a pizza place, or a nice sit-down restaurant, but always delicious. If there are any local brews, specialty foods, wines, or coffee houses around, we'll mention those too.

Where To Play

  • Favorite family-friendly museums that were fun and engaging for all

  • All you need to know for a day trip to visit the windmills of Holland

  • The canal boat tour operator that offers a fun pirate-cruise guide for the kids

  • Favorite walks, playgrounds, market streets, and more

  • Museum pass info- do you need it or not?

  • Labeled maps detailing locations of activities and restaurants

  • Favorite apps for international travel

  • Souvenir recommendations

  • Walking distances between sites

  • The organization of each day has been thoughtfully planned in order to group activities together by proximity, ideal time of day to visit, and the best nearby dining choices. It’s all been laid out for you, along with directions, maps, travel tips, links to more info, and more. We cover the most worthwhile activities to do in a destination (based on our own family’s reviews) without forgetting that vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing, not a list to be checked off while hauling around whining children.

    You’ll find plenty of outdoor activities for the family as well as cultural and historical sites unique to the destination. Many itineraries include easy hikes, bike rides, and float trips that have been selected for their kid-friendly length and ease of difficulty as well as their scenic beauty. (Always worth it!) We are all about getting families outdoors so we include as much fresh air as we can in our itineraries, whether it is a day-long trek in a national park or just the location of a fantastic playground perfect for a break from sightseeing.

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